UPenn Mechatronics – MEAM 510

UPenn’s Mechatronics course, MEAM 410/510, was one of the most intense and rewarding courses of my academic career, and allowed me to create some pretty cool robots over the course of the semester.  Mechatronics is the synergistic integration of mechanics, electronics, control theory, and computer science to design and manufacture useful products.  It’s an inherently interdisciplinary field, and course instructor Jonathan Feine has done a great job in creating a highly engaging, project-based course with an emphasis on design.  The final two projects are showcased here


The Robots: Millard Killmore, Martin Van Bruisin, and Grover Cleaveland

Robockey was the epic capstone to MEAM 510 – a rough-and-tumble five-week project in which groups of three or four students build a team of three little robots that play hockey autonomously – no remote controls, no calling plays from the sidelines, nothing.


The acrobot is a like a mini-segway – it balances on just two wheels, and can even compensate for pretty big external disturbances.

Signal Processing Synth Controller @ NYC Music Hackathon

Dylan Sherry and I created a synth controller that allows any physical sound (such as a guitar or saxophone) to control a synthesized sound.

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